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Ergonomic Design

Large-size Color Display & Multilingual UI
The large-size TFT LCD display with multilingual UI delivers you favorable accessibility.

Large-size Color Display & User-friendly Menu

Innovative Antenna antenna are integrated to ensure better performance

Distinctive Knob Design

Ergonomic Key
User-friendly Menu 
The menu gives you quick access to all services and functions. Our DMR products employ the same UI style so that you can learn to operate different models easily.
Innovative Antenna
The radio antenna and GPS antenna are integrated to ensure more convenience and better performance. 
Distinctive Knob Design
Separated by the antenna, the two knobs of portable radio stand apart from each other. This design can reduce your misoperation with gloves or under dim light.
Ergonomic Key
The smart body incorporates big keys for your comfort and convenience.
2-in-1 Knob
The mobile radio employs a 2-in-1 large knob for you to adjust the channel and volume quickly.

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