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    Ideal for high-level professionals who want powerful yet streamlined communication tools, the TC-700HM series are packed with cutting-edge technology and HYT innovations. HYT’s voice compander audio enhancement and a powerful 1W speaker ensure superb clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments. Its sleek, ergonomic design makes this TC-700HM series radio easy to hold and carry - and it's so lightweight you can take it virtually anywhere.



    VHF: 136-174 MHz

    UHF: 300-350 MHz   350-390 MHz

    400-450MHz   420-470 MHz

    440-490 MHz   470-520 MHz

    400-470MHz   450-520MHz

    Channel Capacity


    Channel Spacing

    25 /20/12.5 KHz

    Operating Voltage

    7.4 V


    1700mAh (Li-ion)

Key Features
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  • Built-in Scrambler

Maintaining private and secure communications is increasingly important, with potentially sensitive information flowing back and forth. The TC-700HM’s scrambler feature provides enhanced security for your important public safety and private security communications.

  • Whisper

The Whisper feature means that even the quietest message can be transmitted and understood.

  • Channel Annunciation

The feature enables radio to report the current channel number when power on or switching channel, offering you notable convenience.

Compatible with MDC1200, the HDC1200 Signalling allows functions including PTT ID Encode, Emergency Encode, Radio Check Decode, Stun/Kill & Revive, Individual Call, Group Call, Broadcast, etc.

  • Lone Worker

The feature provides added security and safety for individuals who work remotely from their team. Should a user not respond to a regular warning tone thena defined emergency procedure is activated.

  • Man Down(optional)

When feature enabled, a defined emergency procedure is activated if the radio is horizontally or inversely positioned for a certain length of time. Place the radio vertically to disable the emergency.

  • Safety Check

Should the user not respond to a safety check signal from the dispatch center or another authorized radio, then a defined emergency procedure is activated.

  • Power on Self-Test

The radio itself checks radio status automatically when power on, and emits corresponding alert if an error occurs (e.g. CPU error or EEPROM error), allows the user to early detect unit faults.

  • Embedded Message & Serial Number

The radio’s memory can store messages including service and programming records, for remarkable ease of maintenance; the feature also makes a unit identifiable by Serial Number.

  • Emergency

Press the Emergency key to emit emergency alarm, or send ENI (Emergency Number Identity) / background tone to a pre-defined person or the dispatch center (selectable via programming software).

  • Auto Contact

The feature is especially helpful in high-demanding communication environments, such as climbing, exploration, and rescue work. When feature enabled, the radiobeeps when the user is moving out of communication range.

  • Rental

The Rental feature limits the time period that a radio can be rented. The radio will be disabled once the time elapses.

  • Software upgradeable (optional)

Allows new functions add-in to accommodate future updates.

  • PC Tuning

Enables remarkable ease of maintenance.

  • Patrol Record (optional)

Patrol system for real-time (or non-real-time) data transmission consists of the TC-700HM radio supporting the patrol record feature, patrol point TX-90, control center TM-800, patrol management software, data transmission cable.


Mechanical features:

  • Top brand components and strict tests ensure super reliability and durability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Laser-etched nameplate



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