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    Perfect for growing organizations, the flexible TM-800 Professional mobile radio can readily expand to meet fast changing business needs. HYT’s voice compander audio enhancement and a powerful 5W internal or 13W external speaker ensure superb clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments. The versatility of the TM-800 mobile helps you keep productivity and efficiency at its highest, no matter how fast your business grows.


    Frequency Range

    136-174 MHz

    400-470 MHz

    450-520 MHz




    450-512 MHz

    Channel Capacity


    Zone Capacity

    256 (max)

    Channel Spacing

    25/12.5 KHz

    Operating Voltage

    13.6V DC ±15%

Key Features
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  • 512 Channels and Dynamic Regrouping

High 512-channel operating capacity on the TM-800 enables the mobiles to accommodate a vast number of users and work groups concurrently. Each zone or channel can be assigned with a customized name for easy identification. Dynamic regrouping provides greater flexibility in organising different work groups.

  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI)

When the mobile radio receives HDC1200 or HDC2400TMsignalling, ID or alias of the transmitter can be displayed. Your radio supports a selective call list containing up to 200 items of ID and Alias.

  • Short Message

User can edit messages via keypad microphone, or send pre-defined messages.

Messages can be sent between radios or via the control center.

  • Public Address (PA)

The PA feature feeds MIC audio through a powerful external PA amplifier, and outputs through external speaker, offering robust audio clarity in harsh, noisy environments.

  • Dot Matrix Alphanumeric LCD

The large alphanumeric display with user-friendly icons helps make information easy to understand at a glance. The display is switchable among channel number/alias, zone number/alias, frequency, short message, DTMF dial number, and menu options.

The display illuminations also provide the visibility to operate your radio in the darkness.

  • Multi-language Capabilities

The display can be dealer customized for indication in languages other than English.

  • 8 Programmable backlight keys

Provides immediate and easy access with your favorite features.

  • Stun/Revive

Provides enhanced security to prevent unauthorized use of lost or rental units, by remote inhibition of either transmit or transmit/receive. A stunned radio can be remotely revived upon the revive code is received.

  • Horn Alert

Upon receiving DTMF, 2-Tone, HDC2400TM, or HDC1200 signalling, the TM-800 mobile radio can remote control other electronic equipments on vehicle.

  • Versatile Scan

Three scan modes are available: single zone scan, multiple zone scan and list zone scan. Achievable functions include add/delete scan channel, temporarily close priority channel, temporarily delete nuisance channel, and user selectable priority channel.

  • Front Panel Programming

The feature enables easy access to customize radio parameter settings to fit user needs.

  • Over-heating Protection

In case of long time transmission at high power, the TM-800 series will automatically switch to low output power to avoid radio over-heating.

  • UST (User Selectable Tone)

User can select CTCSS/CDCSS codes via the programmed function key. Each stored UST code can be assigned with a customized name for convenient operation.

  • DTMF Function

Functions include DTMF ANI, DTMF flexible dialing: manual dial, redial, short number dial, and auto-dial; maximum 32 groups of DTMF encode can be stored and each can be assigned with a customized name. DTMF calling provides individual & group call and over-the-air transmit inhibit/stun/revive/kill functions. When DTMF call is received, there’s an audible-visual alert. DTMF PTT ID or alias could be displayed on the LCD to identify the transmitter.

  • Built-in Modem

The built-in 1200/2400bps MSK modulator offers data transmission function.

  • Emergency Siren

In case of emergencies or accidents, this feature lets you transmit discreetly signals to the control center or a pre-defined person for emergency help.



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