Efficient & Professional Dispatching for TETRA & DMR Trunking


The application Dispatch WorkStation (DWS) from Hytera is an application for efficient subscriber handling in the radio system. Dispatchers can be used as logistics and control centers to manage and control the radio subscribers or they serve as a control unit for monitoring alarm functions. The dispatcher administrates all the data in respect of the assignment of fleets, groups and radio subscribers in the radio system and simplifies the management of the subscriber communication.

Versatile functions

The DWS not only offers conventional features such as group calls, individual calls or emergency calls. Enhancements such as dynamic group number assignment (DGNA), include calls (group patching) or discreet listening (monitoring) are also available. In addition to voice functions the DWS also supports sending and receiving short messages and status messages.

Positioning of radio subscribers

For positioning radios via their GPS position data, DWS offers a map service for the display of the geographic location of subscribers. The mapping data is stored locally at the workstation, which makes an Internet connection unnecessary. Advanced functions such as geofencing or task allocation to radios supplement the subscriber handling.

Reliability through redundancy

To secure dispatcher functionality, the system can be equipped with redundant server and connection. So if a server should fail, subscriber control can continue. The DWS supports a wide variety of security aspects such as password protected access and assignment of function rights for different DWS user groups.

Various external devices

Besides the standard mouse and keyboard, the system supports other external tools such as several multi-touch screens, desk microphones with integral PTT buttons, and foot switch with PTT.


Dual core 2.5 GHz (Intel / AMD; no APU)

Intel: Core 2 Duo / i3 or new

AMD: Athlon X2 / Phenom II or later

Hard disk

Min. 2 GB (for the installation)

>25 GB for local voice recording
>25 GB for local cards
System memory (RAM)

2 GB 

optional: 4 GB for more than 30 AVL subscribers

LAN10/100 Mbit
Full HD, 1920 × 1080 pixel optimized
Operating system
Microsoft® Windows 7 (32 Bit / 64 Bit)
Sound card
1 x 3.5 mm for loudspeaker
USB interfaces
3 x (mouse, keyboard, USB microphone)

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update: 2017-12-28

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